Treatments – such as Ayurvedic therapeutic massages and bodyworks - can be undertaken with or without a prior Ayurvedic consultation, but a brief discussion on health issues and goals will always be given.

This is because the techniques, models and herbal recommendations used are matched to your current state of health, your time of life, the current season and your unique set of needs.

A full Ayurvedic consultation involves a 90-120 minute assessment addressing health history, ailments, diet, current lifestyle and daily routines.  Analysis of tongue, face, eyes and skin, pulse diagnosis, and full Q&A analysis moving through every system of the body to come up with a complete picture of what is going on for you.

NB, while in-clinic consults are recommended, online Zoom consults for the same price are available for those who live further away.

Ayurveda treats the causes from a holistic perspective, unlike other systems that only target symptoms.

A step-by-step programme is then designed including specific foods to avoid, foods to include, meal suggestions with some complementary recipes, lifestyle adjustments, as well as recommended therapeutic and ama-burning herbal support, exercise, meditation and bodywork therapies.

Importantly, guidance and recommendations on how to manage mental & emotional well-being in consideration of your doshic balance as well as current life setting will be offered. While you may need to see an Ayurvedic Practitioner once, twice or even seasonally, eventually you will have all the tools and knowledge to navigate your life and support your health and wellbeing independently through Ayurvedic principles, and essentially become your own best teacher, healer, doctor.

A 30 minute follow up phone consultation is recommended to help you implement the plan into your daily life, with an open door policy via phone and email so that I can support and encourage you for the duration of your plan (usually 1-3 months or a season). These are offered at no extra cost for the duration of your plan.