How Can Ayurveda Help Me?

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The Ayurvedic approach to health is empowering in that it is for those who are motivated to take back some control and responsibility for their own health and well-being, and are prepared to make changes in their diet and lifestyle either to prevent illness from developing, or to help manage and improve any current conditions or illnesses they may already have. By making simple yet impactful changes to daily routines & diet, you can treat your health problems at their root, rather than only treating the symptoms. Ayurveda treats a person holistically, meaning that it treats at the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels to bring you back to wholeness and health.

Ayurveda IS for you if you want:

  • Healing of any kind: whether it’s managing an illness, pain, or health condition, healing a trauma, adapting to a change in life, or getting your body and mind back to their ideal state of wellness
  • A healthier lifestyle: that helps you prevent future illness, and frees you from stubborn habits, patterns, stress and anxiety triggers, or even addictions that are risking your health and happiness
  • Answers: for instance if you’re feeling stuck because your medical professional can’t diagnose you or tell you the source of your pain, discomfort, lethargy, or allergic reactions
  • Or even if you’re just looking for a deeper connection with yourself, your purpose and passions, the people you love, and the world around you

And Ayurveda is NOT for you if you want:

  • Effortless results: Ayurveda is an enriching approach to wellness that rewards you when you put in the work and stay consistent to optimise your diet, habits, and lifestyle for peak wellness
  • Instant results: Ayurveda focuses more on balance and long-term health, and less on quick fixes or rapid results.  You’ll need time and patience to see certain results - but those results will stick with you for life.
  • A total breakup with modern healthcare: Ayurveda is a complement to modern healthcare, not a complete replacement - and both are still needed depending on your individual circumstances